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An IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) is a formal and legal agreement you have with your creditors. With IVAs, you pay back a lower & fixed amount each month, to cover your debts for five to seven years — based on the average amount of income you have each month.IVA helps greatly in reducing the EMI amount & increasing your average savings.


You can declare yourself bankrupt if you can not repay your debts within a reasonable timeframe to your debt creditors. Bankruptcy can help you step out and change your life with an effective debt management plan. You have to pay some upfront amount (depending on your debt case), then a fixed payment each month for a year – based on the average amount of disposable cash you have each month.


A DRO (Debt Relief Order) allows you write off your debts when your level of debt is low and you don’t have many assets. Once you qualify to receive a DRO, a payment of £70 is required upfront, and you do not have to repay the debts featured in the plan for the next financial year.Save the money for that year & then step into a new changed debt free life from next year.


As part of the DAS (Debt Arrangement Scheme) rolled out by the government in Scotland for debt management, DMP allows you to pay your debts back by making small re-payments each month for a particular period of time. DMPs, make fixed monthly repayments, efficiently & is based on average amount of cash you have each month.

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Different individuals have different financial situations. Regardless of your unpleasant financial situation, will offer guidance and advise a strategy that is customised to you. We at DebtsAssist have a team of 15+ debt experts that provide you tailor-made solutions to your debt problems. will work with you to calculate your budget based on your finance & income. From there, our expert debt relief staff will suggest a plan that suits you perfectly & will help you step out of debt to change your situation. This way, you can cope with your debts and get on with a better & debt-free life.

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